I am a fashion/textile designer & bio designer. I have recently graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy based in Rotterdam with a bachelor in Fashion Design.

I don’t believe in the fast fashion industry, nor the mass production. Sustainability is therefore an important aspect of my work. I love to work with the recycling of material and natural dyeing methods.

Furthermore, I am obsessed with colour. I believe colour is a way of expressing yourself, in a way fashion does too. The world is so much more precious in colour.

I create fashion which makes the person who wears it feel extraordinary. I want people to feel confident and joyful in my creations. I am also interested in technology, especially in the benefits it can bring into a more sustainable way of fashion. I enjoy thinking about the future and finding my role as a designer in these interesting times ahead. My inspiration comes from nature, art, experiences and people.

 I often use the ocean and its life as inspiration. The ocean is everything I want my creations to be. Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free. 

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